Paco Strickland Scholarship

William Thomas “Paco” Strickland was a WBLA member, avid surfer, and accomplished musician who was heavily involved in our community in many ways. He passed away on January 21, 2013, at age 60 after a valiant 4-year battle with multiple myeloma.

The WBLA will award a $500 scholarship in Paco’s honor to a member who is actively involved in the club.

Paco Scholarship Application (download fillable pdf)

In 2016, Dylan Brian Wishart earned the scholarship. Dylan is a  musician and freshman at Cape Fear Community college studying in the healthcare field. He is an active member of the WBLA and participates and volunteers at club events. His enthusiasm and positive attitude are representative of the spirit of surfing.

Basic Scholarship Requirements

  • High school senior or college student
  • Current membership in the WBLA
  • An active participant in one or many of the WBLA committees or events.

Application Requirements

  • Complete the application in its entirety.
  • List any past and current committee or events in which you have been actively involved.

Application Deadline

  • The application must be turned in by August 31 to one of the WBLA officers, email to wblasurf [at] gmail [dot] com, or in the WBLA mailbox on August 31.
    PO Box 541
    Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480