Executive Board

President – Laura Shearin
Vice President – Lane Marshburn
Secretary – Laurel Hughes Senick
Treasurer – Davey Wishart
Sergeant of Arms – Scott Taylor

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Former WBLA Presidents

Billy Curry   August 3,1999 – August 1, 2000
David Wilson   August 1, 2000 – August 7, 2001
Billy Curry   August 7, 2001 – December 3, 2002
David (Scoop) DiBlasi  December 3, 2002 – October 5, 2004
Michael Whitmore  October 5, 2004 – January 2, 2007
Robert Choate  January 2, 2007 – August 5, 2008
John Beausang  August 5, 2008 – February 3, 2010
Laurance Bergman  February 3, 2010 – April 4, 2011
Shawn O’Donnell  April 4, 2011 – January 5, 2016
Stan Plotner  January 5, 2016 – August 6, 2018
Laura Shearin Walsh  August 6, 2018 – Present

In Memorium

We cherish our members who are no longer with us.

Tiko Losano – April 7, 1953 – January 23, 2020
He was the most selfless, genuine person that ever walked this earth. He gave to strangers as he would his own family. Always trying to spread a positive vibe. He played hard and loved even harder.

*Georgia Winfree, we thank you for this great piece of art!

Michael Whitmore – August 16, 1950 – August 26, 2015
Michael grew up surfing Cocoa Beach. He was drafted into  the Vietnam War and received 2 Bronze Stars. He lived in the Pisgah Mountains and pursued traditional furniture design and construction. He was asked to show his chairs at the Smithsonian but he walked away from that to return to his humble life by the beach.  As the Godfather of the North End, he could be found there or home in his shop working on a new board design.
William “Paco” Strickland – November 15, 1952 – January 21, 2013
Paco was a man of many talents. In addition to music, which he performed for more than four decades; he was an avid athlete who ran numerous marathons, swam, cycled, and led popular spin classes and extreme workouts. He took up surfing in his fifties and was in the water with fellow Wrightsville Beach Longboarders almost daily until his diagnosis.
Michael Malone – September 18, 1948 – June 21, 2010

Mike loved surfing for the joy and freedom it gave him, and for the community of fellow surfers. We lived in Wilmington for 20 years, some of his happiest years because he could surf even if the waves were only one foot high. He was well loved and always missed.