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The Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association is a group of young and old surfers who see the need to capture the true spirit of surfing, to use this spirit for the betterment of our communities and to live the surfing lifestyle in a positive manner.

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The WBLA promotes surfing as a way of life. This is not a club of exclusivity, as each person makes his or her contributions to the goals of the association, we will be judged by the contributions to the community and the character of our members.

The WBLA is a non-profit (501) organization registered in the state of NC, which embraces our way of life and love for the ocean. We can always use your support through donations for events, the annual scholarship fund, or to help a needy local family who has been less fortunate! YOUR DONATION MAY BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Please consider making a donation by either contacting one of the executive board members (on the contact tab) or anonymous donations will be accepted by mail/paypal.

Mailing Address:

Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association P.O. Box 541 Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

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