WBLA Member Meetings

First Monday of the Month at 7 PM

Katy’s Bar and Grill

Those interested in joining can contact: membership AT wblasurf DOT org

Come out and join us for a little Aloha spirit and some wave action with club members!

Surfers interested in joining our club may do so by filling out the online membership form in advance and joining us for two consecutive meetings. Once you have attended those two meetings, a sponsor must nominate you for induction to the club and all members in good standing will vote on your inclusion to the club!

Membership dues paid between January 1 and prior to March 1 each year are $30.00 for individual and $40.00 for family. After March 1 the dues go up $10.00 for each category. Your membership dues may be tax deductible since we are a non-profit organization!

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